About Me

I have dealt with corrosion since 1976 when I graduated from the Chemico-Technological University named after Mendeleev in Moscow.

Use of materials resistant to corrosion under different conditions, corrosion monitoring, anti-corrosion measures and failure analysis in industry is what I have been doing for many years.


I also teach the subject of corrosion, chemical thermodynamics and kinetics, materials and standards in oil and gas engineering in universities and colleges in Israel and abroad.

Corrosion attracts me most because it includes many aspects of science and engineering.

My book "Corrosion for Everybody" won the innovation award winner of Materials Performance Readers` Choice in 2012 in the USA.

I am also an active promoter of science to the general public.

 “Corrosion led to contentment”.

Corroded mast of a ship (Haifa Bay).

Public Positions & Activities

  1. President of Honor of the Association of Chemical Engineers & Chemists in Israel

  2. Chairman of the NACE Israel Central Corrosion Forum (National Association of Corrosion Engineers International) (2005-2008).

  3. EU: Member of the Working Parties in the European Federation of Corrosion: “Corrosion Education and Computer Applications” (WP 7) and “Corrosion in the Refining Industry” (WP 15).

  4. Chairman of Association of Chemical Engineers & Chemists in Israel (since 2008).

  5. Chairman of Haifa and the North branch Association of Engineers, Architects and Graduates in Technological Sciences in Israel (since 2012).

  6. The Board Member of Israel Institute of Chemical Engineers.

  7. Member of the Council of Engineering and Architecture Licensing and Registration of Engineers and Architects at the Israeli Ministry of Industry and Trade.

  8. Member of the Scientific-Research Committee in the Israeli Institute for Energy and Environment.

Academic Education


  • Ph.D. in Chemistry (1983)

  • Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering (1973)

  • Chemico-Technological University named after Mendeleev, Moscow, USSR.

Academic Area


Lecturer of the courses:

  • “Corrosion of Metals and Corrosion Control”,

  • “Chemical Resistance of Materials”,

  • “Materials Science”,

  • “Physical Chemistry (Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics)”,

  • “Materials and Standards in Natural Gas and Petroleum Engineering” (Grand Technion Energy Program, Natural Gas and Petroleum Engineering Program, Masters Degree, Technion, Israel).

  • Faculties: mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, biotechnology, chemistry, materials science and engineering.

Consulting Area

  • Corrosion of Metals and Anticorrosion Measures.

  • Corrosion Monitoring and Corrosion Control in Industry.

  •  Choice and Use of Materials for Aggressive Media. Examination of new materials.

  • Choice and Use of Corrosion Inhibitors in Oil and Gas and Oil Refining, Petroleum and Chemical Industries: processing and cooling water systems. Examination of corrosion inhibitors.

  • Failure Analysis.

  • Corrosion and Corrosion Control of Pipelines, Aboveground and Underground Storage Tanks Containing Fuels.

  • Anticorrosion Preventive Measures of Industrial Structures and Equipment.

  • Coatings. Examination of coatings.

  • Chemical Cleaning of Industrial Equipment.

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